United States of North Korea?

Let’s face it.  President Barack Obama is doing everything he can to transform (his word) America into the next socialist utopian workers’ paradise.  Is he doing it on purpose?  You decide.  But before you write me off as a racist, sexist, homophobe (whatever that is), bigot, or anything else, consider what the president already has in place:

  • A fawning press.  The man can do no wrong in the eyes of most media outlets.
  • A rubber-stamp legislature.  Despite GOP resistance, he gets what he wants.  Otherwise, the fawning press will simply attack, attack, attack.
  • Blindly obedient supporters.  Lemmings simply follow the crowd.  Obama supporters are more than enchanted.  They are blindingly obedient to him.
  • Crushed opponents.  Besides Boortz, Limbaugh, Cain, Beck, and Hannity, most people are pilloried for opposing Obama’s politics.  They get slammed as racist just for speaking up.
  • Endless government.  Ask the president how the oil should be changed in a car, and he just might tell you a new Department of Automotive Maintenance needs to be formed.  Seriously, his answer to every ailment of society (and things that aren’t really ailments) is more government.
  • Everything about himself.  Narcissius would have had competition in his day if Obama were around then.

The list could go on.  Please — someone out there — tell me where I am wrong.  I would like to be wrong on this one.  But I don’t think so.

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2 comments on “United States of North Korea?
  1. John Bibb says:

    An armed up populace would beg to differ with Comrade Obama’s plans to convert the U.S.A. into His dreams of U.S.S.R. II, North Korea II, Cuba II, or Venezuela II. Won’t work out too well for The Good Comrade if this is ever attempted.
    John Bibb

  2. Chuck M. says:


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